P.T. Barnum once said, “Money is a terrible master, but an excellent server.”

Barnum was a strong proponent of making money work for you. He believed that if all you do is work for money, then money will become your master. However, if you put your money to work by paying off credit cards, business expenses, life’s necessities, or towards investments, then your money serves you.

Are you ready to put your money to work for you? My business credit program has helped thousands of business owners transform their businesses. Find wellness and financial freedom through establishing and building business credit. To build a strong business credit line requires skill, understanding and know how. Through trial and error I’ve learned how to partner with businesses to build business credit effectively and swiftly.

“Let’s work together to give you access to the business funding you need to take your business to the next level.”

Why Build Business Credit?

Establishing a strong line of business credit empowers you to expand your business, have the ability to obtain capital for larger projects, and effortlessly handle day-to-day expenses.

Are you ready to build business credit? 

Determining if your business is ready to establish and build business credit begins with analyzing your business. Perform this quick business profile analysis below to get started.

  • Does your business have an established business name, address, phone number, email address, and website?
  • Have you opened and maintained an active business bank account?
  • Does your business have an established EIN?
  • Are you willing to leverage your personal credit?
  • Can you leverage your relationships with vendors and/or suppliers?
  • Do you have a written plan on how you will use your business credit?


Get Started

Tackling new financial adventures gets my blood pumping. The excitement of networking, having access to new products and building relationships is not only a passion of mine but an important part of the foundation of my success. I’d like to share all my tricks, tools and insights with you to position you for success.

Let’s begin by analyzing your business profile and discover how you can leverage your business to achieve whole life wellness.