Work smarter not harder to achieve your health goals.

With the growing demand for healthier lifestyles and wellness many health enthusiasts are getting inaccurate information when beginning their journey. This often leads to disappointment and feelings of failure.

That’s why I develop each health and wellness program to fit your lifestyle, your mindset, your goals, your body and your plans for the future. In short, I look beyond helping you get healthy and focus on complete wellness.

Let’s reach your health goals – using science

Before I build your health plan, we’ll use science to understand your body’s unique needs. We’ll start with identifying your blood type. Your blood type is a key genetic factor that influences how your body interacts and responds to food and stress as well as its susceptibility to predisposed diseases. All these factors play a key role in your health and wellness journey.

Next I’ll help you set realistic and progressive milestones and lifestyle goals. Setting goals and milestones gives you the momentum you’ll need in your moments of doubt and dismay.

“Clients love my milestones because they give them a sense of accomplishment and momentum as they work toward healthy and sustainable lifestyles.” Rao’onna Storm

You’re never alone

When it comes to making healthier lifestyle choices it can be tough to stay on track. Every health and wellness plan I develop for you will be simple, easy to understand, effective and most importantly – fit your lifestyle.

Health and Wellness Programs include

Blood type testing

Weight loss jump start supplement

Menu plans

Detox schedule and regime

Support and routine check-ins

Shopping list

Milestone and goal tracking

Food journal